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Engage with peers across your remote company everyday
Piyush Gupta
Chief Product Officer

" Our existing communication channels lack tools to enable high-frequency knowledge sharing, referencing, and learning. We need a lightweight system designed to enable context-rich communication. "

Ted Dimbero
Chief Customer Officer

" Keeping field teams (Sales, Customer Success, Consulting) aware of new products and capabilities, has always been a challenge. ... TeamSync has come at just the right time to help constantly keep your field teams aware of the latest information. "

Mihir Mehta,
CEO Bomiscsco

" The continuous drops of key information in a fun and interactive format is exactly the type of tool that creates a year-round SKO effect. "

Julia de Moraes
Sr Director of Sales Ops

" Sales content is often not centralized, ... Accessing and engaging with the right and up-to-date sales content can be a poor experience. "

Product and Team Updates

Learn about company updates from Leadership, product and market insights from Product Managers, customer insights from Sales Reps etc.

Presentations, talks and interviews

Unlock the power of video, share recordings of key meetings, like All-Hands, product releases, customer case studies, and brown bag sessions.

Celebrate Small and Big Wins

Celebrate wins, recognize people and teams that contributed,
Share the joy, say thank you, you are valued here.

Engage and Assess

Flash-cards and Micro assessments allow you to help your team
Know key concepts they need to know to succeed.

People Beyond Titles

Discover people on your team beyond their titles, what they like, what they do
and who they are. Better relationships lead to resilient teams.

Gain insight into how your team engages

Learn from how your team engages with each other, and help your team in areas where they need help, Communication has never been so analytical

Integrates with your data sources

Share content from your cloud drives directly on your phone.
Share PPTs, PDF docs, Images, Videos, Web Articles, and Text.